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Seattle Walk Report

Secret Seattle

Susanna Ryan, cartoonist and author of Seattle Walk Report, strolls along with a whimsical new illustrated guidebook honoring Seattle’s natural marvels and historical gems. In Secret Seattle, Ryan delves into the peculiar and fascinating untold tales underlying several of the city’s most disregarded locations, structures, and amenities.

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Ballard Troll
Hidden Gems

Ballard Troll

Add an overline text Ballard Troll Frankie has made himself at home in an urban environment at the National Nordic Museum in Ballard, Seattle, in contrast to the other trolls in the project, who live in forests and on beaches. Considering that Frankie was descended from a Nordic family, it makes perfect sense. This enormous…

West Seattle Troll
Hidden Gems

West Seattle Troll

West Seattle Giant Troll Named Bruun Idun, she is one of six trolls that Danish environmental artist Thomas Dambo is building in the Pacific Northwest out of wood scraps that were destined for landfills and fire piles. One trolls lives in Portland and One on Bainbridge Island as part of the “Northwest Trolls: Way of…

Donny Chin
Seattle Heroes

Donnie Chin

Donnie Chin Oversaw the International District Emergency Center (IDEC) almost entirely on his own. His only job since he was a teenager was running the center, which was funded entirely by grants and donations. Donnie Chin gave the residents of the Chinatown International District food, safety, money, and time for nearly 50 years. Read more…