Seattle Adventures

These books are your guide to exploring Seattle and things that define Seattle’s neighborhoods. You’ll learn about the distinctive locations, notable landmarks, and curiosities that make Seattle so unique. All of these books are written by people who know Seattle and offer a slightly different take on the city.

An Illustrated Walking Tour

Seattle Walk Report

Totally hand-drawn and hand-lettered, Seattle Walk Report includes playful, semi-interactive aspects all throughout, making it both an enjoyable read for an armchair and an exciting way to see the city’s famous, varied, hipster, historic, and affluent neighborhoods.

Seattle Walk Report
Seattle Book of Dates - Adventures, Escapes, and Secret Spots
Adventures, Escapes, and Secret Spots

The Seattle Book of Dates

An insider’s guide to Seattle’s most interesting locations. An artistic and well-curated compilation of over 125 reasonably priced activities in and around Seattle, the illustrated book is a visual treat that combines style and substance to encourage romance and adventure. This is an essential guide for couples of all ages (as well as individuals traveling with friends) who want to discover off-the-beaten-path activities, sights, and cuisine in Seattle and the surrounding areas. It is useful for both locals and tourists.

An Illustrated Walking Guide

Street Trees of Seattle

The author uses maps and appealing pictures to take readers on a tour of the street trees that are currently present in Seattle’s famous parks and neighborhoods. While doing so, she provides readers with information about the history of the city and its trees, as well as illustrations of trees, leaves, and leaflets that can be used to identify trees in 33 distinct neighborhoods.

Street Trees of Seattle
Seattle Walks - Discovering History and Nature in the City
Discovering History and Nature in the City

Seattle Walks

In Seattle Walks, David B. Williams tells a rich, subtle, and engrossing tale by fusing together Seattle’s natural heritage, architecture, and history. He gives us a fresh perspective on Seattle and helps us understand how the city has evolved over time, how the past has shaped the present, and how nature is all around us—even in the middle of an urban setting.

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