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With the music of WOMAD audiences are treated to an eclectic and harmonious blend of sounds, showcasing musical talents from every corner of the planet.


The art side of the WOMAD festival serves as a captivating visual counterpart to the music and dance, where creativity flourishes in a kaleidoscope of sculptures, installations, and interactive exhibits.


The dance element ignites the spirit, inspiring everyone to move to the beat and experience the joy of dance as a universal expression of human connection.

What is WOMAD?

WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) is a globally celebrated multicultural festival that showcases a diverse array of music, arts, and dance from around the world, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

In 1982 the first WOMAD event was inspired by Peter Gabriel’s love of music from other cultures. The WOMAD festival transports attendees to a multicultural wonderland, where traditions and customs from around the globe meld into a vibrant tapestry.

WOMAD USA 1998 Day1
1998 | Forgotten Festivals | WOMAD USA

WOMAD USA 1998 Day1

WOMAD USA 1998 Day 1 Starbucks Village Stage The Mainstage occupied a large field just inside the main gate, with food and other vendor booths lining the perimeter. Three Zulu ladies called Shikisha performed on the Starbucks Village Stage, which was tucked away behind a stand of trees. They danced, sang, and played drums. Seattle…


WOMAD USA 2001 - day 1

WOMAD USA 2001 Day 1

Baka Beyond mixed African drumming, guitar riffs and Celtic melodies with the music of the Baka pygmies while the WOMAD sisters danced in front of the stage.

WOMAD USA Main Stage

WOMAD USA 2001 Day 2

The Neville Brothers were on stage playing their world-famous New Orleans soul. Aaron’s voice was a perfect as ever. Charles on sax, Art on Keys and Cyril with percussion… it was magic.

WOMAD USA 2001 Main Stage

WOMAD USA 2001 Day 3

David Rhodes, Peter’s long time guitarist another great name in rock. James McNally, keyboardist with Afro Celt Sound System and English drummer Ged Lynch doing the percussion.

WOMAD USA 2003 officially cancelled

Despite promises from WOMAD officials that the festival would continue, the only WOMAD festival in North America was canceled in 2003 due to issues with visas and the state of the economy.

Forgotten Festivals


The WOMAD festival was held for a few years at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington, which is not far from Seattle.
With the exception of a brief tour of one-day mini-festivals in 1993 and this four-year tour starting in 1998, WOMAD had never established itself in the United States. WOMAD festivals continue to take place in other locations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.
WOMAD was just one of many forgotten festivals in the Seattle area.
Festivals from the past offer a glimpse into different eras of Seattle’s cultural past. They demonstrate the city’s openness to experimenting with art and its role as a cultural hub. Even though some individuals might have forgotten about these occasions, they remain important periods in Seattle’s cultural identity’s history.
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Marymoor Park

6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE

Redmond, WA 98052