Hat n Boots

The Hat ‘n’ Boots Premium gas station opened its doors in 1955 and is conveniently located at the junction of 6800 Corson Avenue S and E Marginal Way, close to the busy Georgetown district.

1955 Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat under construction 1955

Its architecture was a wonder to behold, fusing lighthearted cowboy charm with useful functionality.

Your attention would be immediately caught by a massive cowboy hat, a sweeping canopy that was an astounding 44 feet in diameter. The hat, which evokes the Wild West attitude beautifully hides the station office behind its brim.

Hat and Boots

However, the wonder did not stop there. A pleasant surprise was waiting as you explore the area: two enormous boots that stand 22 feet tall and serve as amazing guardians of the facilities. These famous buildings, which were originally representations of the pioneering spirit of the American frontier, served a function as the bathrooms for the station.

But just like many famous landmarks, the Hat N’ Boots encountered certain difficulties. Its survival was under threat from the tides of time, which sparked a passionate fight for preservation. The community came together in a brave effort to preserve this priceless piece of Seattle’s history as a result of the tales of innumerable memories and a shared sense of nostalgia. This roadside treasure received a second chance to share its timeless tale thanks to the commitment of preservationists and the love of the community that held the Hat N’ Boots close to their hearts.

The Hat n’ Boots now proudly stand in Oxbow Park

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