Donnie Chin

Oversaw the International District Emergency Center (IDEC) almost entirely on his own. His only job since he was a teenager was running the center, which was funded entirely by grants and donations.

Donnie Chin gave the residents of the Chinatown International District food, safety, money, and time for nearly 50 years.

Read more about Donnie Chin in My Unforgotten Seattle by Ron Chew

Donnie Chin
Donny Chin

Chin began listening to a police radio while he was just a junior in high school, hoping to aid his neighborhood, which he loved. He frequently performed CPR on people in need before professional help came, beating ambulances and police sedans to their aid.

At 59 years-old Donnie was shot and died early on July 23, 2015 in the community he had dedicated his life to defending.

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