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Ballard Troll

Frankie has made himself at home in an urban environment at the National Nordic Museum in Ballard, Seattle, in contrast to the other trolls in the project, who live in forests and on beaches. Considering that Frankie was descended from a Nordic family, it makes perfect sense. This enormous structure is visible to onlookers and museum visitors alike.

Thomas Dambo, a Danish environmental artist, has been working on a fantastical public art project that is starting important discussions about sustainability for the past month.

Six of Dambo’s uniquely designed and crafted trolls were placed in concealed spots throughout the Pacific Northwest on a commission from the Scan Design Foundation. The project strengthens the linkages of cultural heritage amongst Coast Salish tribal communities by celebrating the human experience through art.

Frankie Feetsplinter

Seattle’s City Troll in the heart of Ballard

Unlike the other Northwest Trolls who live in the forest, Frankie lives in the city. You can find him outside of the National Nordic Museum in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

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