West Seattle Giant Troll

Named Bruun Idun, she is one of six trolls that Danish environmental artist Thomas Dambo is building in the Pacific Northwest out of wood scraps that were destined for landfills and fire piles.

One trolls lives in Portland and One on Bainbridge Island as part of the “Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King” project. On August 25, Bruun Idun became the third to be unveiled. Over the course of three weeks, three more trolls will be revealed in Ballard, Issaquah, and on Vashon Island.

Bruun Idun

Singing to the orcas.

Bruun Idun (“Idun” for short – pronounced like “Eden”) is playing a flute with a song for the orcas. You can find her near the Colman Pool in West Seattle’s Lincoln Park.

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