Valley of the Gnomes

Tucked away in the charming Madrona area of Seattle, crossing a delightful pedestrian trestle bridge that meanders over a peaceful valley filled with trees will treat you to a lovely surprise.

Valley of the Gnomes - Bridge

This unassuming bridge offers more than simply a route; upon it opens up a fantastical universe full of enchanted surprises that piques the interest.

This valley hides a secret that only a select few are privy to: a group of endearing yet elusive gnomes hidden in the cracks and crevices of the terrain. Play a game of hide-and-seek with these fun gnome friends as they present an enchanted challenge. You are asked to find and count these entrancing characters, each a whimsical sentinel, while you stroll with wide-open eyes.

Nestled among lush greenery and secret cracks are dozens of gnome figurines in various sizes each one distinct in design and personality. They hide in the roots of trees, look out from beneath leaves, and even take solace on mossy rocks. These little, cunning guardians transform the valley into a magical place where you are invited to embrace your inner explorer and set off on a delightful quest.

Adding a touch of intrigue is the mystery surrounding this endearing phenomenon. Who set this fun task in motion? Why did they feel the need to scatter these little wonders around the valley? The mystery is what makes it so appealing; anyone walking by may create their own narrative around this magical project.

Seattle Walk Report

Secret Seattle

Susanna Ryan, cartoonist and author of Seattle Walk Report, strolls along with a whimsical new illustrated guidebook honoring Seattle’s natural marvels and historical gems. In Secret Seattle, Ryan delves into the peculiar and fascinating untold tales underlying several of the city’s most disregarded locations, structures, and amenities.

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